Shire of Bentonshire

The Shire of Bentonshire!

The Shire of Bentonshire is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) located in Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus Counties, Florida, and a member of the Kingdom of Trimaris

News & Announcements

Battles of Bentonshire XI, April 20, 2024!

Join us as Defenders and Champions, young and old, clash to determine the victor for the day. Fill your mind with knowledge from classes, let your heart be warmed by the joyous sounds of bards of all ages, and be inspired by the lovely displays of artisans. Then sit and talk with friends old and new over a bowl of ice cream. Come enjoy a day of fun, games, and laughter!

Contacts & Officers

Email: Please allow 24 hours for response.


Seneschal: Tatiana -

Exchequer: Aude' - 

Art/Sci: Dorian

Chatelaine: (Position Available)

Chronicler: HL Randal the Vandal

Herald: HL Allyssandra

Marshal: HL Owen MacPherson - 

Web Minister: HL Randal the Vandal

Social Media:

Facebook: Shire of Bentonshire Populace

Facebook: Bentonshire Fighters