Battles of Bentonshire

Battles of Bentonshire XI

Date: April 20, 2024

Gates Open: 8 AM Gates Close: 1 PM Site Closes: 6 PM

Enrichment Centers Inc. Of Hernando County
800 John Gary Grubbs Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34601

Join us as Defenders and Champions, young and old, clash to determine the victor for the day. Fill your mind with knowledge from classes, let your heart be warmed by the joyous sounds of bards of all ages, and be inspired by the lovely displays of artisans. Then sit and talk with friends old and new over a bowl of ice cream. Come enjoy a day of fun, games, and laughter!


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Note: No family will be charged more than the equivalent of 3 adult registrations fees. Family as defined as adults and their minor children.


Lady Zorya Tsvetkova - Event Steward 

Mistress Melangell merch Mariot, OP - Reservation Steward 

Honorable Lord Owen MacPherson - Marshal in Charge 

Honorable Lady Drahomíra Kováčová - A&S Coordinator


Marshal Activities

Heavy Weapons

Defender of the Spring 

Royal Rumble!


Mermaid's Champion

Youth Combat

Defender of the Grotto

Arts & Sciences

Mermaid's Treasure

Dirty 1/2 Dozen Largess Donation Derby

There will be a Dirty 1/2 Dozen Largess Donation Derby in order to help bring the artisans of Trimaris together and create lovely items for Their Majesties to share with other Kingdoms and people of the populace.

Examples of 7 items suitable for a specific time period:


9am-10am SCA Newcomers Class ~ Taught by: Dorian de La Fontaine

10am-11am Myths of the Seas ~ Taught by: Drahomíra (Draza) Kováčová

10am-11am Structure of the SCA - Corpora, and how do I fit in? ~ Taught by: Mistress Katherine Angelique d'Artois du Berry, OP, OL

11am-12pm Gotta Catch 'em All - Handweaving Nets for Fishing and Bags ~ Taught by: Drahomíra (Draza) Kováčová

11am-12pm Roman Tunicas for Men & Women (or How to Survive the Summer in Trimaris) ~ Taught by: Marcia Dulcitia (aka Dulcia), OL, OP, OR

12:45pm-2pm Introduction to Mid-Eastern Dance ~ Taught by: Damara Narrissa

1pm-3pm Viking Braids ~ Taught by: Baroness Tatiana Heinemann, OP and Lady Lynn of Trimaris

For more information, please contact: 

Honorable Lady Drahomíra Kováčová - A&S Coordinator

Fundraiser Lunch

!!!!! Tacos !!!!!

$7.00 for 3 tacos and a drink

(Proceeds going to the Shire of Dragon's Chase)

Main: Beans, Turkey/Chicken Meat, Hamburger Meat

Shell: Flat Bread Soft Shells (Wheat or Corn)

Toppings: (All toppings will be separated)

Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Cheese Taco Blend, Iceburg Lettuce 

Drinks: Lemonade and Tea

Hosted by the Shire of Dragon's Chase